The BaeJing pilot is here!


Our pilot is finally here, and yes, we are probably more excited about it than you are. Please listen to the sneak peek of our episode wherever you get your podcasts, subscribe to us on iTunes and Stitcher, rate us to make sure we are easier to find and come back here for more content!



Hello there, baes


To keep you on your toes, we thought we would write a little something to introduce ourselves and tell you just a tiny bit more about what the hell we are up to.

We are Saga and Anya, and our main aim is to bring the most interesting conversations about China closer to your ears, and eventually, we hope to get those conversations stuck in your brain, too.

We are both very new to this whole podcast thing, and the reason we are doing this is because we just love to talk. About everything and anything, all of the time. So in essence, what you will be hearing from us are conversations we have amongst ourselves,  and with guests, about topics that interest us (and hopefully you, too). From animal protection to fame to fitness, we will cover a range of things to get us thinking more about what our life in China can teach us about the rest of the world.

If you think that sounds like something you could be into, make sure to follow us on our social media channels (@baejing_podcast) and stay tuned for our podcast coming to your listening devices soon!